For people who feel life has got a little out of control and want to make BIG life changes  


Psychological & Social Life Coaching 

Inside Job is based in beautiful Devon in the West Country, UK.

I am a Psychological and Social Life Coach, The Empowerment Programme was developed from a foundation of life experience together with formal education in Life Coaching, Teaching, Psychology and Sociology and Business development.

The Empowerment Programme was launched and piloted in 2013 with 100% success.

Now offering powerful Wellbeing Workshops since 2016, Day and Weekend Workshops, these include 16 workbooks based on the Empowerment programme framework.

I have strong social aims and want to make personal development accessible to all, to end cycles of destructive behaviour and to provide much needed information and pathways for clients to access other therapies if needed.

I am often asked what is the difference between Life Coaching and Counselling - it is simple

  • Life Coaching works from the present to the future
  • Counselling works from the past to the present

Coaching facilitates personal responsibility and growth 

Inside Job aims to empower people and enhance well-being in personal and professional aspects of life. 

I am passionate about personal growth, changing life repeats and reaching limitless potential. Enabling clients to become empowered and make step by step changes to overcome life challenges. 

inside job life coaching

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